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The Need for Adequacy as Well as Accuracy

Years ago, a junior high school English teacher told us this story: “There was a certain man once. This man was a patriot who loved his country. When his country was in dire straits, he wrote a book detailing the way forward, and this book became a bestseller. The man was elected to government and eventually became the head of his country. Under his rule, his nation became powerful and prosperous.” She then asked whether we think this man was a good man or a bad man. Most of the class opined that he was a good man. Thereupon she told the rest of the story. This man subsequently attacked his neighbouring countries, triggering the most destructive war in history, World War II. He sought to exterminate the Jews, killing six million of them in what is known as the Holocaust. That’s right, folks, the “certain man” was Adolf Hitler.

The teacher’s point was to illustrate that people can formulate very different views of a matter depending on how much information they have. All the facts she stated about Hitler were true and accurate, yet they were clearly not adequate to allow one to reach a valid conclusion.

We must make sure that we base our beliefs and conclusions on information that is both accurate and adequate. A case for one view of origins can seem very convincing if we are given only some of the facts, and we accept it because we don’t realize that we don’t have all the facts. We may not even realize that there are other facts which, if revealed, would put a very different face on the matter. We may, in fact, come to a diametrically different conclusion if we do have “full disclosure” of the facts.

The purpose of this section of the website, then, is to offer full disclosure of all the facts relevant to the issue of origins and evolution. Here you will read the information that your professor, teacher, and newspaper won’t tell you and are hoping you don’t hear about.

I will restrict myself to facts and logic. Your job is to apply critical thinking both to what you hear in class or in the media and what you read here, and then go where the evidence takes you, regardless of the consequences.

If you are happy to be indoctrinated, led by the nose down a garden path to a prearranged conclusion others have selected for you, then ignore this website. If, on the other hand, you are interested in knowing the truth, please check here regularly.

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