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Nothing from Nothing: A Response to the National Post, Nov. 19, 2014

According to an article in today’s National Post entitled "Answering the Great Questions" by Lawrence Krauss (p. A14), atheist Krauss tells us about "Hawking Radiation," particles that are supposedly emitted by black holes. (He does not tell us that Hawking radiation is a theoretical construct predicted by physicist Stephen Hawking, but not something that has ever been observed or experimentally verified.) Krauss breathlessly tells us that this idea leads to the "Black Hole Information Paradox," which is that when a black hole radiates itself away, the information associated with the material of which the black hole was made will cease to exist, something that the Unitarity principle of quantum mechanics says cannot happen. According to Krauss, attempts to solve this paradox "drive much of the current thinking about fundamental physics," including attempts to unify General Relatively and quantum mechanics.

And then the punchline:

Attempting to reconcile Quantum Mechanics with General Relativity may suggest – as both Hawking and I agree – that all the space and time of our universe might have arisen from Nothing as a spontaneous quantum fluctuation, without the need for any supernatural shenanigans.

While it is not surprising that atheists might want to grasp at just about any explanation for the universe that does not involve God, such explanations are patently absurd, and this one is no different. Among other problems, a quantum fluctuation requires a quantum field, and a quantum field is not "Nothing." Krauss and Hawking are still stuck with insisting that something came out of nothing, a violation of the First Law of Thermodynamics, a law which is on much firmer ground than "Hawking radiation."

It is just not possible to explain the universe and the life in it without God, despite the most fervid attempts of atheists. If Krauss really wants answers to the great questions – "How did the Universe begin? How might it end? What is our place in the cosmos?" – all he needs to do is read the Bible and pay attention to what it says.

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