NOTHING FROM NOTHING (Response to The National Post, Nov. 19, 2014)

©2014 by John Tors. All Rights Reserved. According to an article in today’s National Post entitled “Answering the Great Questions” by Lawrence Krauss (p.A14), atheist Krauss tells us about “Hawking Radiation,” particles that are supposedly emitted by black holes. (He does not tell us that Hawking radiation is a theoretical … Continue reading

Do You Have To Stop Thinking To Be A Christian? A Response to Charles Lewis (National Post, January 26, 2011)

In an opinion piece titled “Less God, more excuses” in this day’s National Post newspaper (p.A15), Charles Lewis writes the following: “The most popular objection to religion is that it replaces thinking with sets of unproveable truths – and that the rules flowing out of those truths turn adherents into … Continue reading