TIME OUT: Fifty Years Later, Answering Time Magazine’s Question, “Is God Dead?”

© 2016, by John Tors. All Rights Reserved.  INTRODUCTION  Fifty years ago today, Time, “the weekly newsmagazine,” published what some consider its most controversial cover story ever.[1]  Inside the usual red border of the cover there was nothing but a stark black background with, under the Time banner, a question … Continue reading

YES, JESUS REALLY DID EXIST: Refuting Maclean’s Magazine’s Latest Madness

© 2016, by John Tors. All Rights Reserved.  INTRODUCTION Maclean’s madness is back. Like a bad B-grade horror movie series, Maclean’s, “Canada’s National Magazine,” used to celebrate Christmas and Easter every year by publishing sensationalistic cover articles attacking the historical reliability of Christianity.  The claims in these articles were presented … Continue reading

THE IRREFUTABLE CASE FOR THE RESURRECTION: How David K. Clark’s Risible “Betting on Jesus: The Vanishing of the Christ” (Free Inquiry, April/May 2014) Strengthens the Case for the Resurrection of Jesus

©2014, by John Tors. All Rights Reserved.   PART 1: DAVID K. CLARK’S SUPER NEW ARGUMENT   Attempts to disprove the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ date back all the way to the very day of the resurrection itself, when the tomb guards who reported this event to the chief … Continue reading


 ©2013, by John Tors. All Rights Reserved. It’s that time of year again.  Christmas is approaching, and with it a bevy of annual traditions: Christmas carols, decorations, coloured lights on houses, shopping for gifts – and, of course, the farrago of assaults by atheists and liberal scholars on the historical … Continue reading

Still Waiting for an Intelligent Defence of Atheism

THE LATEST FAILURE: HEATHER MALLICK IN THE TORONTO STAR One must wonder whether an intelligent defence of atheism is even possible.  Most attempts are nothing more than bald assertions, usually sprinkled liberally with insults and couched in bad manners.  Even the best attempts are invariably riddled with errors of fact … Continue reading