IS CREATIONISM SUPPORT DROPPING? A Response to USA Today and a Warning to Creationists

© 2017, by John Tors. All Rights Reserved.  A RESPONSE TO USA TODAY The American national newspaper USA Today treated us to an interesting opinion essay on Friday last.[1]  It was called “Creationism drops for hopeful reason,” and was authored by Yale Divinity School’s communications director Tom Krattenmaker.  Krattenmaker was … Continue reading

FANTASIA 2014: A Response to Yuval Harari’s Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

©2014 by John Tors. All Rights Reserved. When I was a young boy living in Montreal, my dad took me to a local theatre to see a re-release of Disney’s Fantasia. Fantasia, made in 1940, features eight animated sequences set to classical music. The sequences didn’t all have the same … Continue reading

AN IMPOSSIBLE ENTITY: A Refutation of “The Thinking Atheist’s” Unthinking Attack on Creationism.

There is a video posted on Youtube called “Top Ten Creationist Arguments” that was produced by someone calling himself “The Thinking Atheist.” This intrigued me, as I have long sought to find an actual “thinking” atheist 1 , but without success. After viewing the video, I have to report that … Continue reading

Do “Violent Names” Prove Animal Death Prior To The Fall?

According to the creation account pure green coffee bean extract sold in south africagreen coffee bean diet free trial in Genesis 1-2, the world that God created and saw as “very good” featured no death of any sort, which necessarily means that animals did not originally eat other animals; indeed, … Continue reading

Is Creationism Not Appropriate For Children? Exposing the Muddled Thinking of Bill Nye “the Science Guy”

Bill Nye, the mechanical engineer and well known host of the 1990s Disney/PBS educational show “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” is an ardent advocate of the theory of evolution. On August 23, a video was posted on Youtube titled “Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate for Children.” It was designed … Continue reading

A Primer on Entropy (The Second Law of Thermodynamics)

The significance of the Second Law of Thermodynamics (the Law of Entropy) for the question of the origin of life is profound, yet it is not well understood by the general public, as it is a field of specialized study, in engineering and physics; it is not something well taught … Continue reading