IS LUKE WRONG ABOUT THE DATE OF JESUS’ BIRTH? A Case Study in How to Do Serious Evangelical Apologetics

©2015, by John Tors. All Rights Reserved. PART 3 OF 3 Peripheral Issues As we have seen before, a number of charges are made against the credibility of Luke’s birth narrative of Jesus, to wit: -“No taxation census ever required individuals to register, not where they themselves live but rather … Continue reading

OLIVER AND HARDY AND HAHN: Debunking Greg Hahn’s Attempt to Salvage his Attack on Complementarianism

© 2015, by John Tors. All Rights Reserved.    INTRODUCTION  Years ago I saw an interesting episode of the television game show “Jeopardy”.  In this game, answers to questions in different categories are posted according to a dollar value, and three contestants vie to be first to “ring in” and … Continue reading