©2013, by John Tors. All Rights Reserved. It’s that time of year again.  Christmas is approaching, and with it a bevy of annual traditions: Christmas carols, decorations, coloured lights on houses, shopping for gifts – and, of course, the farrago of assaults by atheists and liberal scholars on the historical … Continue reading

CHEATING THEMSELVES THROUGH PHILOSOPHY: A Demolition of “The Rights and Wrongs of Alan Dershowitz” in Claremont Review of Books (Fall, 2005)

  © 2011, by John Tors. All Rights Reserved. As a salvo in the debate over natural law versus revelation, the article “The Rights and Wrongs of Alan Dershowitz” by Hadley Arkes, published in the Fall 2005 issue of Claremont Review of Books 1, is a noteworthy contribution. It is … Continue reading

AN IMPOSSIBLE ENTITY: A Refutation of “The Thinking Atheist’s” Unthinking Attack on Creationism.

There is a video posted on Youtube called “Top Ten Creationist Arguments” that was produced by someone calling himself “The Thinking Atheist.” This intrigued me, as I have long sought to find an actual “thinking” atheist 1 , but without success. After viewing the video, I have to report that … Continue reading