Goliath was the Bad Guy, Remember? An Assessment of Henri Nouwen’s Teachings

INTRODUCTION On October 8 of this year, the Toronto Star published an opinion piece called “The life of a spiritual Goliath.” [1] It was a paean to Henri Nouwen, the late Roman Catholic priest and writer of many books on “spirituality.”  According to the author, Stephen Bede Scharper, Nouwen was a … Continue reading

Women and Church Leadership: An Inquiry and a Response to Pastor Keith A. Smith’s “Can Christian Women be Pastors and Preachers?”

For many centuries, the Christian church understood that God had allocated to men only the authority and authoritative teaching roles in the church. In the last several decades in the Western world, however, the changing zeitgeist has led to this understanding being challenged. Many churches and entire denominations have embraced … Continue reading

Still Waiting for an Intelligent Defence of Atheism

THE LATEST FAILURE: HEATHER MALLICK IN THE TORONTO STAR One must wonder whether an intelligent defence of atheism is even possible.  Most attempts are nothing more than bald assertions, usually sprinkled liberally with insults and couched in bad manners.  Even the best attempts are invariably riddled with errors of fact … Continue reading

Do “Violent Names” Prove Animal Death Prior To The Fall?

According to the creation account pure green coffee bean extract sold in south africagreen coffee bean diet free trial in Genesis 1-2, the world that God created and saw as “very good” featured no death of any sort, which necessarily means that animals did not originally eat other animals; indeed, … Continue reading

Not So Fast: Why Fasting Is Unnecessary And Inappropriate For Christians

 The ancient practice of fasting seems to be growing rapidly in popularity in evangelical circles.  It is entering churches as an element of “spiritual formation,” and books on the topic are proliferating, making grandiose promises, books such as Fasting: Opening the Door to a Deeper, More Intimate, More Powerful Relationship … Continue reading

Should Christians Practise Meditation?

It seems not long ago that the greatest perceived spiritual threat in the minds of Evangelicals was the New Age Movement, an amorphous constellation of beliefs and practices focused on developing the divine potential of human beings.  In essence, it was the basic world view and practices of the Eastern … Continue reading

Is Creationism Not Appropriate For Children? Exposing the Muddled Thinking of Bill Nye “the Science Guy”

Bill Nye, the mechanical engineer and well known host of the 1990s Disney/PBS educational show “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” is an ardent advocate of the theory of evolution. On August 23, a video was posted on Youtube titled “Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate for Children.” It was designed … Continue reading